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Often, the tipping point in a sale is a simple piece of information away.


Imagine a world where your customer will never have to turn away for lack of support from you. Anywhere in the world, at any time, imagine a world where hard-working dedicated agents provide unobtrusive help that makes life easier for your customers—from straight forward information to more involved advice…

…only one click away.

Online live chat technology is no longer merely a teen fad. It is a cost-effective way to boost your revenues and add to your profits. It can help you generate more credible sales leads, convert more website visitors into paying customers, boost your brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

We at Pro-more have helped customers derive all these benefits and more—with LIVEAssist. To this innovative use of live chat, our team of experts brings the advantage of globalisation. This means your customers get 24x7 LIVE support at no extra cost to you.

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As we have a global customer base, it is essential that we are available 24x7 and iConcierge facilitates this. It worked perfectly for us as a start-up as there is minimal risk, investment and pay-as-you-go. The technology is smooth and only minor site changes are required, whilst advisors provide browsers the care and attention they needed to plan and book their Travel itinerary.
— Seeraj Katoch, Manager - Customer Service, Quality Assurance & Processes
“LIVEAssist – iConcierge works as a 24x7 channel that can be leveraged by sales, marketing, and customer support alike. That it works on demand allows us to anticipate the peaks and troughs of the business cycle. This allows us to deliver consistent quality customer service responding within an average of eight seconds”.
—David Smith, General Manager
“iConcierge enables our UK-team to move from chore to core. Our own customer support people are at full capacity, and being stretched to the limit. They are also a precious resource that should be optimally deployed—iConcierge facilitates this”.
—Marietjie Kelly, Head of Customer Service and Customer Experience
“Live chat from Pro-more has opened us up to customers worldwide on a 24/7 basis. What’s more, instead of waiting for email responses, with iConcierge live chat, the customers get to go from query to order in a matter of minutes. With iConcierge, we expect to convert more prospects with both single and multi-component needs to paying and happy customers. It helps us provide them high-level support, when they need it”.
—Ed Goldswain, Assistant General Manager
LIVEAssist’s live chat solution gives our customers anonymity, as well as the ease of booking in real time, with a helpful agent at hand. For us at AladdinsKiss, LIVEAssist adds a here-and-now dimension to a service aimed at making people happier. It also helps us convert new prospects to loyal customers.
—Elizabeth Lauder, CEO
LIVEAssist’s live chat solution, iSupport, makes life easier both for our customers and our support professionals. It allows the customers to multi-task, by freeing them up from the telephone, and Allied’s support professionals get an additional channel to help their customers. Customers get an average response time of under 12 seconds day or night. It has also helped us generate more qualified leads, by proactively engaging online visitors.
—Richard Skellett, CEO
LIVEAssist’s live chat solution is a perfect example of a positive transformation tool. It helps our customers reach us faster, and in real time 24x7. Often, it is more effective than the telephone and they don’t have to wait hours for a response. And, since transcripts can be saved, they can keep track of customer dialogues.
—Terence Thorpe, Director
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